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I did some research on this. 20% of people in the Republic of Ireland are teetotal. 27% of people between the ages of 18 and 24 are teetotal in the UK. That high percentage can’t all be accounted for by devout Muslims.

You argue that a “tiny percentage” of young men have not woken up “with a hang-over and realised that their is a face on the pillow beside him that he doesn’t recall meeting”

That seems like a stretch to me. A minority of men perhaps but a tiny percentage?

I found this interesting 2007 CDC report from the US on drug use and sexual behaviors of adults, aged 20 to 59, in the United States who took part in surveys between 1999 and 2002

This report finds that 85% of people had been sexually active in the US by the time they were 21. Perhaps this backs up your contention that only a tiny percentage of young men had no sexual experience.

Another thing I found interesting about this report was what it said about Mexican Americans.

It found, “Mexican American males and females had the highest percent (24% and 45%, respectively) of having one or no sexual partners in a lifetime”.

This was well above for other groups. For non Hispanic whites, it was 16.6% and 24.2% for males and females having one or no sexual partners in a lifetime. For Non Hispanic blacks, it was 6.4% and 13% for males and females having one or no sexual partners in a lifetime.

Also of interest is the fact that 88.2% of Mexican Americans had ever had sex. This compares to 97.2% of non Hispanic whites and 95.7% of non Hispanic blacks.

The vast majority of Mexican Americans are Catholic. I think a case can be made that Catholicism plays a very important part in the expression of sexuality and this may explain why there is a lot less sexual promiscuity amongst Mexican Americans. This also applies to Irish Catholics.

I am an Irish Catholic, at least, that is my cultural background. I didn’t have my first conscious orgasm until I was 33. I was a good Catholic boy when I went to university as a young man. Of the 6 years I spent as an undergraduate in 3 different third level institutions on the island of Ireland, I do not recall a situation where I woke up from a hangover with a face beside me who I didn’t recognize. I can think of 2 situations similar, I suppose, but no way did either of those 2 women mount me or sexually interfere with me whilst I was sleeping or drunk. One of the occasions I was drunk with a woman in my bedsit but I don’t recall any inappropriate touching and she left after a couple of hours after I politely asked her to leave. On the other occasion, I was perfectly sober when my friend stayed over at my bedsit. We just chatted and she left early the next morning.

Your original point, as I recall, is that you don’t think there is a rape culture. The way I look at it, there is a culture of one person violating the boundaries of another person which feminists appropriate as a rape culture.

That psychopath culture is what societies really need to get to grips with if we are to advance.

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