I first encountered Ron some years ago and I have had a long exchange with him since then.
Svetlana Voreskova

I read your feministbrainwash wordpress blog last Sunday and in one of the comments on that blog from June 2014, you wrote that the blogspot blog was not yours. I suppose I could have read your feministbrainwash blog earlier and then I wouldn’t have had the confusion I had regarding who wrote it. I learned that it wasn’t yours after September 7th when you wrote your medium comment. From the end of July after you wrote your youtube comments on Stefan Molyneux’s video to September 7th, I was confused by that blogspot blog, which I discovered after a friend of mine pointed me to it.

I have never questioned your honesty, apart from one thing when I suggested on September 29th on medium that you were lying in your youtube comment posted at the end of July on Stefan Molyneux’s video in which you stated that you could not name the college you work in for legal reasons. I pointed out what looked to me like a contradiction between that and what you wrote on September 26th on medium when you wrote that you are not legally barred from saying the name of the college but choose not to do so for other reasons.

As written in a previous reply to Ron Collins, I withdraw that allegation. I don’t have enough information to know for sure.

You have gone into considerable detail regarding your own experience in this country and your brother’s experience. I appreciate it. Of course, I believe you.

As written previously, I am inspired by your example.

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