Please let me know exactly when and in what media I have every argued that you were stalking her…
Douglas Milnes

I think, Douglas, you side with Svetlana because she’s a woman, because she has the magic vagina, and because she is angry at a man. This, of course, has been going on for thousands of years. Penis sides with vagina against penis. It’s the recorded history of our species.

Svetlana behaved appallingly. She said I was living in a “self inflated bubble”. How dare she! This is an infantile insult. I didn’t go that low in the message she replied to. A voice in her head told her that I was demanding that she reveal stuff about her private life. I made no such demand. I didn’t even ask her to divulge any details about herself. She was following me on right up to the time she wrote her angry reply yesterday. That undermines the argument you brought up that I was stalking her.

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