Ron Collins wrote this about me 5 days ago.

A perfect working example of why I have eschewed the block-quote thing from the beginning of my time on the web. Somebody wants to have a dispute with me, no problem, but to display my words back at me like some kind of criminal evidence I’m supposed to defend myself about?
Fuck that. It’s rude, unfriendly and confrontational. I don’t play that shit on others, and won’t have it played on me. I just blocked the fool; he can go find someone else to dismantle for his own amusement.

I think it is bad form, Ron, to name-call someone after blocking hum.

Rude, unfriendly and confrontational was precisely what you were to me before you blocked me.

Also I don’t dismantle others for my own amusement. That would be a waste of my time.