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Well, I don’t think the Irish are dullards either. I was pointing out that recent IQ scores show the Irish are on average somewhat below the European average in measurements of intelligence. Average IQ scores are in the region of 92, 93 and 95 compared to closer to 100 for many European countries, including the UK.

The dominant y-chromosome haplogroup for the Irish (R1b) is the same one as for most of western Europe so I think there are probably mainly environmental reasons why Irish IQ is comparatively low.

I suggested some environmental factors. In no particular order, the learned helplessness taught by the Catholic Church may be one explanation and then there is the victimhood culture taught by Irish nationalism and I suppose as a subset of that there would be the martyrdom culture. Go to St. Peter’s church in Drogheda and you’ll see Saint Oliver Plunkett’s decapitated shrivelled up 17th century head on display. There’s also the Irish Nationalist martyrs. It’s a kind of death cult.

Also, we tend to be a communitarian society. Dissent is frowned upon. You found that out for yourself.

Anyway, I only write about average intelligence. I am not suggesting all Irish are dullards.

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