My goodness, Paul Carr, not only are you unable to read properly and therefore are incapable of…
Douglas Milnes

Where have I made things up?

Where have I shown “disturbing attachment symptoms”?

Where have I taken a massive leap of the imagination?

Where have I misread you?

I don’t think it was your intention to help me, Douglas. You were white knighting from your first comment, 3 comments back, virtue-signaling to who you considered a helpless damsel-in-distress, Lana Voreskova, one of your 4 followers on I think Lana Voreskova is not an infant and can look after herself.

You raised the matter of stalking, suggesting that Lana may have felt I was stalking her. She was following me on right up to yesterday afternoon (Irish time), right up to the time she wrote her angry reply to my message that angered her. Lana Voreskova however did not mention that I was stalking her in her rant. I think she knows best.

A charge of (online) stalking is a very serious charge. Usually, a man cannot invoke being a recipient of it. We’re supposed to “man up” instead. Women can, however, I think for the most part to avoid being held accountable for their own reprehensible behaviour. It’s often a shaming tactic used against men to control their behaviour.

You mention “disturbing attachment symptoms”.

Yesterday, in her angry reply, Lana wrote, “So I suggest you go and make your lists of demands elsewhere. You will be receiving no responses from me.”

She need not worry. I am letting go of her. She has blocked me on, YouTube and google plus. My life does not revolve around her. I think her statement above is arrogant. I won’t be creating other accounts just to diss Lana Voreskova. I am not into channeling multiple personalities, at least, I try not to.

As for Lana’s stories, are they true? True in full? True in part? Not true at all? I do not know. She has provided no evidence. For example, here:

She writes about the false rape charge brought against her brother. He was subsequently cleared. There were headlines in the newspapers at the time, “Rabid Russian Rapist”, “Beast from the East” whilst her brother was in detention awaiting trial for rape. Perhaps, she could provide some online public links to scan-ins of these appalling headlines? Screenshots from the website showing these appalling headlines? Archived captures of these appalling reports? The trash media is the Republic of Ireland, I would imagine, does a thorough job of scrubbing poorly researched stories afterward leaving no trace even in online archives. A couple of links may sway me into believing beyond reasonable doubt that this horrid stuff did indeed happen to her brother. I have seen no such links. The onus is not on me to believe her stories. The onus is on her to provide the evidence to convince others of their authenticity.

Yes, she has written compelling stories about her brother and herself; the false rape accusation against her brother and her temporary suspension by her employer (the Voldemort of universities, the university whose name she may not speak).

Then again, novelists often write compelling stories too. Evidence is needed. She elects not to give it. Fine.

“Lana Voreskova” may be a fat, balding, double chinned middle aged guy wearing only his y-fronts, sitting his hairy arse on a stool, laptop on lap, on the other side of the globe, for all I know.

As Lana Voreskova herself has pointed out, referring to me, “I don’t know who you are or anything about you”. That works both ways.

I gave her my email and phone number 10 days ago. I posted my invitation on because I couldn’t find a private email address for her. I invited her to dinner. We both live in the Republic of Ireland. She did not respond. Sorry, I can only take my belief so far. Beyond that, evidence is needed. No evidence? Then, as I pointed out, she is making claims. That’s not an insult. Only an observation.

I admit I fell for this. Red flags were given before and I paid no heed. For example, 2 and a half months ago, in the YouTube comments for Stefan Molyneux’s video, she mentioned then that she wasn’t going to name the university she wrote she taught in for legal reasons. That’s a red flag right there.

A couple of years ago, I recall contacting her to ask her if she’d come on a radio show program, broadcast by People’s Internet Radio, that I was co-hosting with John Gormley, founder of Men’s Human Rights Ireland. She politely declined to come on. She had written an article or two for the Men’s Human Rights Ireland website, I recall. So, I knew of her. Never physically met her but knew of her online. Perhaps, this was why I ignored the red flag waving vigorously in front of me 2 and a half months ago. I was going soft on an anti-feminist that I already knew of and I consider myself semi involved with the international men’s rights movement.

I lived in China from 2006 to 2015. I dated lots of Chinese women there. For the most part, they were lovely ladies. However, I recall one from 2011 who turned out to be a real nightmare. She was reasonably good looking. A 6. Voluptuous. Big boobs. 24. Single. She did belly dancing. A real come-on for men. We agreed one day to go to Guiyang, a city in Guizhou province, China for a weekend, a weekend tryst you might say. We took a train from Kunming to Guiyang. I really thought I had scored a lovely lady. But, on the train, she hinted at her dark side. She was reticent about answering certain questions despite leading me on to ask those questions. She mentioned that she suffered depression. I asked her more questions about it but she declined to reveal more about it. I let it go. I shouldn’t have. I should have told her that when we got to our destination, Guiyang train station, we were to go our separate ways. But I couldn’t muster the courage to let her go. She was a dish. Stupid me. Now that she hinted at her dark side, it was on full display once we got to Guiyang and for the rest of the weekend. It was a nightmare. She was verbally abusive a lot of the time. We shared the same apartment. Terrible burden. Finally, I took the train back to Yunnan province and she went to Sichuan province.

A lesson was dealt to me that day. Don’t waste your time with women who are not open and transparent.

The lesson was dealt to me but perhaps it didn’t take.

I’ll continue in my effort to ensure it takes in the future.