How GoPro Hired The Best Content Producers In The World…You!

Humans have a fundamental need to communicate and interact with others, we want to share the story of our lives. In today’s current digital age we have become content creators at scale. Daily we are capturing significant events that give others a point of view into our lives. We are documenting our journey and sharing it with the world.

GoPro leverage the passion of individuals and ask the question.

‌• How are you enjoying your life? 
‌• What gives you meaning? 
‌• And what do you want to share with the world?

GoPro has taken this idea and have used it to expand their brand. They challenge you to go out and create interesting and exciting pieces of content that tell a story to others about what it means to be alive.

Instead of using marketing teams or planned events or situations. They used the best marketing team in the world to create their content, their own customers.

GoPro’s marketing strategy takes the human element and is able to reinforce brand loyalty by creating the opportunity for a user’s content to be used to sell their product. These impactful experiences have a real emotional connection with the viewer. You have a first person view into the story being told. You get the chance to experience ski base jumping, free diving with orcas, or simply watching Kama the surfing pig ride some epic waves. The relationship between GoPro and it’s customers was organically formed, GoPro created a great product and service and the consumers took the camera to create unforgettable, unique and shareable pieces of content.

The idea of inspiring individuals to go out and live richer fuller life’s, is one that should be embraced and welcomed by the world. Instead of focusing on wars, economic problems or the things that make us different. It is a refreshing point of view to focus on showing the beauty in life. The small everyday moments that shape a little part of us, documented by a small camera giving us the chance to learn a little more about each other.

I challenge you, to go out and be the greatest content creators GoPro has ever had the pleasure to work with!