Another (Really Simple) Email That Will Help You Stand Out!

I hope you’ve been enjoying our “How To Stand Out” theme lately!

Today, I have a really simple email that you should be sending all of your potential clients (and clients too) on a regular basis.

I call it “The Resource Email” and here’s how it works.

Every 4–6 weeks, send a no strings attached resource via email (I prefer to do this via LinkedIn).

What do I mean by “resource”?

Well, I’ve sent . . .


Free Reports

Free eBooks

Links to useful websites, blogs etc

Free Conference Call Services

Examples Of What Their Peers Are Doing To Generate More Sales

Free Webinars

But You Need To Follow My “90/10” Rule

Make sure that 90% of the time you’re sending something that’s “Brand Agnostic”, meaning, its not pointing back to you, your company etc.

If you follow that rule, and 90% of the time, you’re giving unconditionally, I believe that entitles you to a “10% liberty”

Simply put, 10% of those resources should point back to you and your company.

To that end, I’ve sent . . .

My App With Over 200 FREE Sales Lessons

My How To Hire A Sales Coach Guide

A Free Report On How To Generate At Least 3 Extra Phone Appointments Each Week

Invites To FREE Webinars I’ve Hosted

Invites To My LinkedIn Group (Sales Playbook)

And I Absolutely Think This Is A MUST . . .

Of that 10%, feel free to offer a promotion, let people know about your products, services, how you help your clients etc.

The Last Thing You Want Is To Be “Friendzoned”

The reason why I believe there MUST be some “sales” to these resources, is that (and I learned this the hard way a few years back) if you don’t let people know, that you aren’t just in the business of giving stuff away, you can become that “safe friend”, who they only turn to for free stuff.

But Here’s The Thing . . .

Many a sales rep, struggles with the “How do I keep in touch without ‘Checking In’” thing.

Even more sales reps repeat the same message over and over again;

“I want to sell you something” or “I’d like to make an appointment with you to sell you something”

While, that’s not the way they’re saying it, its certainly the gist of their messaging!

That’s why adding my “Resource Email” to your arsenal might help you stand out from all the other sales reps, trying to get your prospect’s attention.

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