Ten Vacuum Cleaner Safety Tips

Paul Dayton
Feb 26, 2019 · 3 min read

Once you continuously use a vacuum cleaner for your house, it is possible to get used to it to the extent where you forget some of the safety measures. It is essential to keep in mind that they are complicated gadgets that should be handled with much care. Using the machine the correct way helps it to last for a longer time, improves its productivity and make it safe to use.

Vacuum cleaners can be dangerous even if it is the best vacuum cleaner under $100, if not properly handled. To avoid the occurrences of accidents when cleaning your house, the following are some of the safety tips on how to manage your machine.

Use the Handle to Pull the Vacuum Cleaner

Many vacuums come with a power cord and a handle. The central cord purpose is to carry electricity, while the handle is used to pull it around the house. When cleaning your house, avoid pulling it by the cord. Though it may seem convenient, pulling the wire can loosen the power connection and cause a short.

Avoid Sharp Objects

When cleaning your house using a vacuum cleaner, avoid picking a sharp object that may have fallen on the floor of your home using the cleaning machine. This is so since they can be easily damaged if you use it to pick sharp and hard objects like a broken glass no matter its size. Other objects that you should look out for when cleaning your floor are nails, Legos, coins, or screws.

Maintain your Vacuum

Once you suspect something wrong with your cleaner, avoid using it again until the machine is repaired. This helps to prevent more damages that could cost you more than it could have done initially.

Avoid Wet Floors

The last thing you would want near any electrical machine is water. Though there are vacuum cleaners that suck up liquids, avoid using your cleaning machine on the wet floor if your gadget is not capable of working on wet grounds. Using your vacuum on a wet surface puts you at risk of shocking yourself or anybody near you. Water can also damage the machine’s motor.

Avoid Flammable Materials

When cleaning, avoid coming in contact with flammable or toxic materials. Since the vacuum runs on electricity, if it happens to land on a combustible substance, it is likely to cause a fire in your house which in return can bring about severe damages in your home. Check for any object you are not sure about before vacuuming the area.

Avoid Using the Vacuum Outside the House

Most vacuum cleaners are manufactured with the primary purpose of working indoors. Unless your machine is specified otherwise, avoid using it outdoors to prevent the device from being damaged by objects it picks.

Avoid Powders

Though dust and powder cannot damage your vacuum, avoid exposure to too much since it can clog your filter and end up blocking its suction. A blocked filter causes the heating of the motor. To minimize excessive dust in your room, sweep up your house before vacuuming.

Empty the Canister

Always change the dust bag and empty the canister often. When cleaning your floor with a full kit, the results will not be as effective as you can expect. If you stay for long without changing the bag, the hose might clog, and other parts of the machine may fail to operate effectively.

Avoid Faulty Extension Cords

Every extension code has a watt’s capacity listed to identify the type of gadget it can power. Always use extension cords designed for your vacuum. Using the wrong extension cord can damage your vacuum cleaner and increase the risk of fire outbreak.

Avoid any Opening of your Gadget

Turn off and unplug your vacuum when turning it over to check the brush roll. The brush roll can damage your clothes among other body damages

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