There is No Third Door
Laura McKowen

Lovely piece and please know you you only have to not drink today. You can’t promise tomorrow. I like to tell people that these days I ‘Err on the side of boring’ and if that’s the only mistake I make, I’m OK with that. I too, used to say ‘I don’t trust people that don’t drink’, yet I’ve never lived a more authentic life than in sobriety. The other line I hear from people is “You only think you were having a good time when you were drinking.” No, I was there, I really did have some amazing times. Those rambling, crazy conversations and evenings that began with a single ‘pop’ of a can, are now consigned to the chapters of my life, yet still most vivid. However, that train called ‘lady alcohol’ was gathering speed, leaving most of my life behind. I’m just thankful that I stepped off at the station before it reached the end of the tracks with me still on it.

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