Yes, You Can Change Your Stars

The one thing that would be great to have in life: A do-over button.

Hindsight is 20/20, as they say. I have had a few moments in life that I really wish I could go back and do again. One of those times, would be at the very beginning of my entrepreneurial journey and I would change the main point of my focus: Money.

Isn’t money the whole reason we go into business to begin with?

One would logically think that money is the reason. In reality, money is just a tool used to bring your dreams and passions to the world. Most serial entrepreneurs focus on important things like new technologies or making the world a better place through their inventions and services.

I have always had a entrepreneurial passion, but my main catalyst early on was trying to do anything I could to make more money. I didn’t care if it was selling trinkets at flea market or starting a website, I just knew that I had to do something to change my stars.


My favorite Heath Ledger movie is A Knights Tale.

In this comical adventure story, he plays a poor peasant named William Thatcher that is born into poverty and who has an intense drive and desire to become a noble knight. I really identify with this character because I also grew up in a not-so-wealthy home environment that fueled my drive to get out of poverty.

During the movie, young William is determined to change his stars and go from a mere peasant, to a sword fighting noble knight. According to the laws of the time, the only people who could become knights and compete in the games were people born into nobility. What would normally be impossible, William found a way to change his life and change his stars.

I bring this up for two reasons.

First, money is an easy thing to focus on when you don’t have enough of it or have the life you would like. It will keep you up at night, it will force you to change your course prematurely or force you to give up on the project altogether. The more you obsess over it, the harder it will become to get where you want to be because you’re looking at a destination rather than the journey itself.

Secondly, in reference to the movie, William has always been enthralled over becoming a knight and being able to compete in the knights’ games. His focus was never on obtaining money, riches or fame. Because he was able to focus on his passions, he was able to hone his sword fighting and jousting skills to become the best, even though he wasn’t born of noble blood.


Business and politics today works in much the same way. It’s seems that a lot of the big powerful players were born into the money or had a lot of good luck and opportunity in their life. Behind the scenes though, there is a non-stop drive to work to become the best and keep pushing day in and day out. It isn’t impossible to change your stars. Find your passion, the thing that drives you every day.

Two things will happen.

First, because you are following your passion, your potential customers will see your dedication in your product or service and be able to feel that passion. This makes for a better customer experience and will bolster brand loyalty.

Second, when you are passionate about what you do, you will be able to enjoy it for a lifetime and it will never get old.


Remember that money is just a tool, one of many, in your business toolbox.

Even now, I am not exactly where I want to be, but I have learned that focusing solely money will rob you of it.

There have been times that I have bailed on projects and shut them down, because I didn’t have the results that I expected. I didn’t have the results that I expected because my passion wasn’t invested.

And because my passion wasn’t invested, that made my business offerings weak compared to others that put in every ounce of time and attention into their offerings.

Follow your passion, and money will follow you.