A Five-Point Strategy to Oppose Russian Narrative Warfare

Image from the Beyond propaganda series: Information at War: From China’s Three Warfares to NATO’s Narratives, September 2015, Legatum Institute



Framing the problem

Why “narrative warfare”?

I. Resilience

II. CYBER, both offensive and defensive

III. Regularly disseminate our own compelling narrative as well as counter-narratives to adversarial narratives

“Weaponized Narrative”

Operational Or Comprehensive Narrative Strategy

“Family of Narratives”

VI. Message by all available and appropriate means and message in support of our narrative strategy

V. Demonstrate by actions that aggression will be firmly resisted

Putting it all together






VP at Narratives Strategies, Influence, NATSEC

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Paul Cobaugh

Paul Cobaugh

VP at Narratives Strategies, Influence, NATSEC

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