3 Ways Remote Work Can Boost Your Business

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about remote work out there, but the truth is it’s a growing trend that actually has a lot of upside for employers.

In fact, the work at home population in the U.S. has grown 103% since 2005.

And that upward trend is only increasing as the ways we collaborate over distance — via chat, video, and productivity tools — get more and more robust and accessible.

To make the case, we’ve adapted a popular post written by workplace productivity expert and RingCentral Glip’s product marketing manager, Paul Comaroto, for the DIY Marketers blog, into a SlideShare presentation that you can download for free.

In it, we include research-based facts and figures and real-world examples about how businesses that offer remote work opportunities end up with employees who are happier, more productive, motivated, and loyal. And they have a recruitment edge to boot.

This free presentation is the perfect way for a manager to convince higher ups to allow team members to work remotely, or individuals to advocate for themselves to work at least part-time from home.

It’s also the perfect case in point: “3 Ways Remote Work Can Boost Your Business,” was created 100% through remote team collaboration using Glip.

Join the remote work revolution, and download your free copy of this SlideShare presentation today.