Creating In-store Experiences with VR to Boost Ecommerce Sales

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Student at Burton (Phillip And Sala) Academic High

With the surge in ecommerce sales, there is hype that it will replace brick-and-mortar stores completely in the next couple of decades. However, a report from trusted source based on a survey conducted on more than 1000 shoppers at USA reveals otherwise. Many respondents confirmed that they still prefer shopping at physical stores as opposed to online stores Amazon or eBay. Hence, it is believed that ecommerce will boost in-store sales as a part of omni-channel effort by mobile commerce and loyalty programs. For instance, you can send personalized offers to your customers through your mobile ecommerce app and encourage them to visit your store to redeem loyalty bonus with a purchase.

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But we have an entirely different viewpoint which we would like to present here. What if you could ask your ecommerce development company to create in-store experiences for your online shoppers? Just give them an immersive experience while evaluating your products right from the comfort of their home. Yes, it is possible with virtual reality (VR) and ecommerce moguls like Shopify and eBay are integrating VR to craft exceptional immersive shopping experience for their customers. In May 2016, eBay announced its first ever virtual reality department store and in September, Shopify released its first virtual reality app for Windows in order to deliver brick-and-mortar shopping experience to their customers and stay ahead in the competition.

You can also come up with unique ideas to differentiate your business and stand out among competition. You can collaborate with your ecommerce development specialist and check for the feasibility of your ideas. The way virtual reality has revolutionized gaming industry, it is all set to transform the shopping experience altogether. As technology advances, virtual reality is also getting mature with better graphics and 3D modeling. Industry experts believe that virtualized commerce can work wonders for online business, especially for furniture and clothing items. Great customer experience ensures you get repeat customers and as you with offer them personalized product recommendations and specials, they convert into loyal customers. This in turn would boost your ecommerce sales and your business bottom line.

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Student at Burton (Phillip And Sala) Academic High

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Originally published at on March 16, 2017.

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