Passwords To Life !

Lets think about this , take your self back when all was good in the world … im talking about the 80ss yes thats right Devid Bowie , Duran Duran…my childhood, getting into bars at 16 asking for whatever the person next to you is drinking as you have no fucking idea what to do but you feel like your free and have impressed your friends…. we paid in cash — cash is king , your a god to all women that walk in because you have alcohol and money to spend … your IN … Now your special the tight jeans the T.Shirt from the concert you went to last night (Iron Maiden) No prisoners , a girl walks in and she is quivering , ( not sure about this) anyway she approaches you with her innocent face ( Fuck Off) That was only in my mind , actually all i wanted was a blow job ( I wasn't sure what that was but it sounded really fucking good ) bearing in mind i was brought up on a farm !!!! ahhh so we chatted and laughed , fuck me …. Time machine ,,,,,,,we have now started to enjoy and fumble… what the fuck …….ive now just woken up or steeped out of the tardis!!!, i have a wife that fucking hates me , two ugly kids , and credit cards and debt…….. The moral of the story that ive tried to put in very simplistic terms, out of all the passwords you use dont use IHATECUNT as a 8 letter word every one knows it …….

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