Do Something. Anything… Made it to edition number two.

I made edition number two! I’m wary of sending too much content too frequently as I am constantly finding amazing things I want to share.

We will see how this develops! Edition two is below — you can subscribe here.

Thanks for the positive feedback about the first edition of this thing. You’re all lovely.

Building a digital culture in DWP. Ali sent me this and told me it was ‘sexy AF’ I am inclined to agree with Ali.

The Facebook Live telethon we worked on that raised money for the ACLU has been nominated for an Emmy. Yes. An Emmy. Hold me. Emmys: Nominations Reflect Virtual Reality Growth.

Advertising sh*ts in your head. It’s more than a slogan or a hashtag. Read all about it here. I’m not sure if I should think this but I do.

Trump’s Victory Inspired Thousands of Women to Get Involved in Politics. Yes! This deserves a YUGE YES!

This is a great article. Digital campaigning for first-time candidates. It’s written for politicians (or their teams), but TBH, it’s a good refresher or starting point for all of us. And the author Laura Olin is one of my favourite people on Twitter.

The Really Good Guide to Email Design (+ Bonus Checklist). This will help you make your emails better.

Don’t knock clicktivism: it represents the political participation aspirations of the modern citizen. Yeah! Don’t. Don’t be that person. Ages ago I read a brilliant blog on the subject, 5 reasons not to use the word “Slacktivism”. These are the five things — I bang on about them all the time. And it’s all about point 1.

  1. Digital technology is more likely to activate the politically inactive than deactivate the politically active.
  2. Small acts of digital activism are helpful.
  3. Derogatory terms like slacktivism discourage first timers.
  4. Change has always happened through a ‘ladder of engagement’. Now we have a new first rung.
  5. Slacktivism implies that the action is ineffective, yet we often don’t know the ultimate outcome until long after the action has occurred.

Hundreds handed over their Tinder to a chatbot to get young people to vote. Sigh.

This exhibition looks amazing. Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power — Exhibition at Tate Modern. An article from the New Statesman about it.

Thanks, Paul

Music. I love this record from RTJ. And I’m such a graffiti nerd that the tags I spotted in the video tell me the people that made it have a connection to Bristol.

Last thing. I love this clip from Glastonbury 94.