Some new rules…

Stop fucking complaining.

Don’t engage with negativity. Call it out. Kill it. Don’t give it oxygen.

Find & work with brilliant people.

Spend more time with inspiring people.

Be generous with people who give a fuck.

Find & encourage people who give a fuck.

Spend less time with assholes.

Go out of your way to help people.

Maintain and insist on high standards in everything you’re part of.

Don’t be dull. Talk in shorter sentences.

Make space for the people you love to shine.

Spread the credit.

This one is important. Acknowledge your privilege. Be an ally. Don’t dominate the space that belongs to other voices.

Remember that no one owes you anything.

Don’t become part of the establishment. Fight that shit. It’s not about you.

Light the path for others. Know when to leave. Then leave.

Show no fear. Even when you’re scared.

Try everyday to be a better leader. Then try harder.

Be on time.

Increase your personal activism. You can do more.

Go to more events. Events that stretch you. Events outside of your field.

Be honest about the things you’re shit at.

Get better at the things you’re shit at. But only if it matters.

Don’t apologise when you don’t mean it.

Stop apologising when you don’t mean it.

Look after yourself. This shit is tiring.

Nothing is more important than Katia.

Written on a plane back from NYC in 2017.