Ukrainian Technology Startup Accelerator Programme

2 min readMay 9, 2022


Before the current crisis Ukraine had a vibrant and growing technology scene. Unfortunately, the illicit invasion by Russian forces has disrupted progress and forced many founders to move overseas.

Technology entrepreneurship represents a way out of the economic challenges that are facing the country, now, and as it emerges from the terrible situation it finds itself in.

Startup founders need a solid ecosystem to thrive in and we call on the whole startup community, including investors to offer support to startups through this programme.

How it works.

Ukrainian technology startup founders are invited to submit their decks for review. We will offer feedback wherever possible, match mentors, suggest partners and finally support investment discussions. Given the urgency of the situation we are intending starting with a very light structure which will allow us to commence operation immediately.


We are looking to support talented founders with a viable business model whether they are building their startup in Ukraine or elsewhere. In this initiative we can only support startups that are using technology to address significant challenges and with a large market opportunity.

Investors and sponsors

It is vital we boost the Ukrainian economy by supporting a thriving ecosystem. We encourage all forms of capital; Sponsorship, small subsistence payments for early stage participants and larger investments for startups with proven business models. Investors contact or


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