6 months and a bottle of vodka

Otonomos is growing rapidly and opened its third office in Hong Kong. Last month, our Hong Kong office hit a significant milestone, we turned six months old 🎉. We took this opportunity to have a good old party and to say thank you to all our amazing clients and partners who helped us get started.

We have onboard a great number of new clients in Hong Kong which is a significant contribution to the hundreds of new clients Otonomos.io welcomed this year. From start-ups to family offices to blockchain companies, no client is too small or big for us. For instance, SecurSys, adding intelligence to video surveillance systems and FinFabrik building capital markets software for retail stock trading, algorithmic trading and cryptocurrencies.

Since day one we are dedicated to improving our product (and service) and excited to share with you what we are building.

Every good party has something to bring home, we have decided on a great bottle of Vodka sponsored by Royal Dragon Vodka. But no boring raffle this time! To show the power of Blockchain, we have decided to let the smart contract determine who would bring this beauty home.

The process went as followed — and is auditable for everybody here to prove we are not playing favors.:

  1. Clement, our latest developer, wrote a smart contract that had two functions: add participants and pick a random winner.
  2. During the event, people could register for the raffle using their business card which we would submit to the Blockchain. Those are all the transactions you see in the transaction history.
  3. Once we have closed, we asked the Blockchain to decide our winner randomly and write it into the contract. In the GIF below you can see the winning number is 6, which corresponded to the lucky winner Judith from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce!
Our Blockchain Raffle on the Blockchain
Judith (middle) from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. Paul du Long, Managing Director Hong Kong (left) and Lana Lyu, Business Development Manager (right)

Two administrative announcements:
1. We will be moving to a larger office in the NakedHub on Bonham Strand, leaving our beloved Hive office.
2. We have changed our domain name to Otonomos.io; we cannot receive your emails on our old otonomos.com domain.

We thank you for making this a fantastic adventure and we look forward to celebrating many more milestones with you.

The Otonomos Team

P.S. The raffle smart contract is a small and quick contract and has much room for improvements, can you tell what we can do better? Let us know, and you can become our next Blockchain engineer!

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