What God Do You, or Don’t You, Believe In?
Jack Preston King

n I don’t know anything about God and therefore I am not much interested. I think I can say something about the Tao. It is another way of describing the Buddhist picture of the mind.

The foundation of the mind is the Dharmakaya, an empty space. Formless and void, as in the Bible, it is the mother of the myriad things. It is the ground from which all things emerge, perceptions, ideas, emotions, and whatever. It is the source of the light of awareness.

The next step up is the Sambhogakaya which is the seat of our emotions, concepts, and perceptions, which depend on each other. It is the realm of our normal subjective consciousness. Next up is the Nirmanakaya, which is the interface between out subjectivity and our senses and muscles. Once it is learned we don’t notice it much unless it isn’t working right.

Put them all together and you have the Tao, which is the path and the goal.