Aergo Monthly Report: May 2020

Hello Aergonauts, and welcome to the monthly edition of a comprehensive report on Aergo. The Aergo team has been highly committed to development based on a massive input of hard work which has yielded tons of achievements over the past few weeks.

Here is a breakdown of updates and developments that happened in May 2020.

On May 12th, Blocko conducted a webinar discussing How the Blockchain can be utilized which featured Aergo’s CTO Hun Young Park.

Here are some notable quotes from the webinar that was identified by a community member.

“Gartner has mentioned us as one of the key players in PaaS and Blockchain PaaS along with AWS and IBM” (3:43)

“Through AERGO Hub, we will provide customers with a blockchain service platform that will provide A to Z tools to develop blockchain” (18:48)

“It’s a little embarrassing to say this myself but we have the most active Github open source among projects in Korea, in terms of core technology strictly speaking” (22:33)

Watch the full webinar video here:

After Aergo’s Quarterly Project Update was announced in April there was a Q&A session where the team addressed the community’s questions based on recent and past developments and partnerships.

Here are some highlights from the Q&A session;

Q: Just read that an app used for contract sending and receiving will be integrated in Kakaotalk and will use the Aergo mainnet?? Is this true?

A: Kakaotalk is the most famous platform in Korea, for the adoption we selected KaKao. Yes, the main UI will be integrated with the Kakao platform, and new features using mainnet (like stamping, verification, payment with crypto) will be launched soon.

Q: Why have you been so silent in the last few months in the blockchain sphere?

Actually we haven’t been silent. In fact despite the difficulties due to current events, we’ve been very occupied with business development and activities regionally in South Korea and MENA and further development of the Aergo Enterprise 2.0 with our technical roadmap to show where we are headed; and to get Aergo Agora live. We’re focusing on real adoption and with the challenge of the current economic environment; we’re taking a very careful approach to 2020. You can see what we’ve been up to in our latest QPU.

Read the full Q&A session here.

The Aergo Ecosystem has been growing rapidly and based on community efforts, AERGO tokens were listed on HitBTC and NiceHashMining exchange, thereby providing more options and liquidity to trade AERGO tokens.

Technical updates

Aergo Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) 1.1 for Aergo Enterprise 2.0 was released which is an adapter that removes the need for creating and sending blockchain transactions manually and allows you to run SQL queries directly. To know more about Aergo JDBC, watch this video tutorial and read the developer guide below.

Watch here

Read the Aergo docs

Aergo version 2.2.2 was released which included additional improvements and bug fixes.

Read about the latest update here;

Aergo Connect 2.0

On May 22nd, Aergo lead developer announced the completion of the Aergo Connect Wallet into the beta stage for testing before its official release later in Q2. Based on Aergo Tech Roadmap 2020, the Aergo Connect 2.0 would have new design/features and Ledger Nano S integration.

More details about Aergo IoT were released which allows developers to interface with the Aergo Blockchain with Microcontroller. Only a few companies focus on communicating with the blockchain from microcontrollers — and Aergo now has this amazing capability.

Check out the list of use cases of Aergo Blockchain with Microcontrollers here:

Aergo Developer Update — libaergo

This is a native library to interface with the Aergo Blockchain by using C and C++ and even with other languages. For more details check out Aergo GitHub.

Final notes

The Aergo team has done a lot of remarkable work since its inception as a blockchain company with increasingly aggressive activity recently which majorly included the launch of a regional consortium intended to bolster the adoption of innovative technologies across the Middle East, African, and South East Asia (MEASEA) regions as well as the launch of Execution Intelligence Group (E24P) which seeks to promote smart governance, supply chain, and finance solutions that leverage Blockchain coupled with AI. All these are a striking indicator of the fierce potential of AERGO.

Thanks a lot for taking your time to view this month’s edition of Aergo report, till we meet next month for another wonderful episode on mind-blowing updates about AERGO.

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Aergo is an enterprise-ready blockchain operating platform that leverages and extends both public and private blockchain, and cloud architectures. Aergo’s flexible and familiar architecture allows businesses to build and deploy practical decentralized applications and enterprise-IT solutions in any industry on a high-performance hybrid blockchain combined with a full-stack serverless computing platform while managing services and business upon different protocols.

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