Aergo Weekly Summary

Weekly update 5th April — 12th April

Dear Aergonauts

It has been an exciting month for Aergo so far even though the COVID-19 outbreak made majority of the aergo team work remotely from home. Despite the remote activity of the aergo team, growth and development wasn’t affected and aergo released some updates.

  • Aergo version 2.2.1 was released and in this version, The Query and Transaction performance has been improved.
  • Aergo conducted a performance TPS (Transaction per second) test on Aergo Enterprise 2.0 in three critical areas which are Transfer, Read Smart Contract Execution and Write Smart Contract Execution recording (14,545, 50,100 and 10,000 TPS) respectively. The results can be found in this video.
  • In the same week, Aergo entered a strategic partnership with TROY for the optimisation of Troy Trade’s decentralised trading and settlement protocol which will enable TROY to boost it’s transaction speed significantly and also eliminate potential processing errors. TROY could provide the AERGO ecosystem with more liquidity through the aggregate trading market place and settlement network.

Final note

While we expect the Quarterly Project Update in the coming days, I am also excited to announce that the Aergo mainnet anniversary will be coming up on the 15th of April. This is a major milestone for aergo that deserves a lot of applause.

Aergo is an enterprise-ready blockchain operating platform that leverages and extends both public and private blockchain, and cloud architectures. Aergo’s flexible and familiar architecture allows businesses to build and deploy practical decentralized applications and enterprise-IT solutions in any industry on a high-performance hybrid blockchain combined with a full-stack serverless computing platform while managing services and business upon different protocols.

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