Case Study: Type Spec, UI Design.

For my first project in RedAcademy’s UI Design program, I had to create a well structured and designed landing page to showcase a typeface in just one week and a half.

Raleway was my given typeface, and I had to follow a small Brief with the project goals, the keywords, the target device and some content ideas, but besides this information, I also had to research about my typeface and user.

Tools Used:

Photoshop CC
Illustrator CC

Design Process

UI design is much more than just generating “nice” layouts; it involves research and understanding of the client and user’s needs to end up with functional design solutions.

During this project I followed this process:


My users were going to be graphic designers so I started to think about their reasons to look for a typeface and how they would like to see this type spec.

I’m a graphic designer myself, so I could feel empathy about what my user’s motivations and needs could be and I wrote down some of them.

Research and analysis

After thinking about my user, I researched about the Raleway typeface and made a mind map to organise the information visually, so I could have an overall idea of my typography and point out the most relevant information.

With this in mind, I defined the content of my landing page and its hierarchy.

Design Inception

With a better understanding of my user and research, I made a design inception that helped me to set the mood of my design and think about the art direction I wanted to follow.

I came up with a playful, friendly and eye-catching mood to showcase Raleway typeface features, not only to communicate its modern and casual personality but also to make the looking for a typeface task a more enjoyable experience for the user.

And to be more consistent with this idea I decided that the typeface’s features were going to be written in the first person, like if Raleway typeface was the one talking directly to the user.

Sketch time!

With this in mind, I started working on some sketches and made notes of possible solutions before working right away on the computer.

During this part of the process, I came up with different ideas to show Raleway’s versatility by including typographical compositions, motion graphic, textures and illustration using keyboard faces.

Design Solution

By the end of the project I ended up with a final design that:

  • Follows the art direction settled in my design inception diagram.
  • Provides a colour code and has enough contrast for key interaction items.
  • Gives the information to the user quickly, in a clear and friendly manner.

Link to final prototype:

Thanks for reading! :D
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