Spring is finally here and we are all excited about this as it is the perfect time to lose the winter jackets, scarves, and gloves and come out of hiding. As we bid winter farewell we look forward to all the fun and excitement associated with spring including getting outdoors and engaging in fun activities with friends and family.

Spring is a perfect time for members of the family to bond and engage in outdoor activities. …

Fun family activities to plan at Rocky Mountain National Park

Heading off to Rocky Mountain National Park with the family is the ultimate getaway. This place is known for its popular, famous hiking trails. You are looking at 300 miles of paths and trails sided with the prettiest wildflowers and scenery, from the moist green forests to the beautiful snowcapped mountains. This park is really one of the most beautiful places in Colorado. With so many attractions to suit each member of the family to experience solo or as a group there is truly never a dull moment.

Here are…

Paulette Dotson

http://paulettedotson.com/ Writer interested in the outdoors, traveling with family, and little adventures.

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