Paulette Dystant — What does a Mortgage Loan Originator Do?

When it is time to purchase a home, most people apply for a mortgage. Paulette Dystant is a mortgage loan originator who has years of experience. She has spent more than twenty years working as a loan processor, and has been working with mortgages since 1998. Mortgage loan originators have an important job that involves many different facets.

Mortgage loan originators are professionals who work with borrowers in order to complete mortgage transactions. These professionals will usually work for banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, or savings institutions. They are highly knowledgeable about the mortgage application process, and each following step in the mortgage process.

These professionals often work directly with borrowers. They help their clients fill out their applications, and they gather a financial background on their clients. The mortgage loan originator will then compile this information into a packet that will be used to determine whether or not that client is eligible for a mortgage.

Mortgage loan originators are, in essences, sales people. They work with realtors to sell different mortgage programs that are offered by their institution. Their goals are to offer a better mortgage package than their competitors, and to help their clients close on a loan. These professionals will often work nights and weekends in order to better serve their clients. Mortgage loan originators are professionals who help their clients find the best mortgage program. Paulette Dystant is a successful mortgage loan originator who has an advanced knowledge of the mortgage process, and who has worked with many clients over the years.

Originally published at on April 8, 2016.