Want to be one of my first readers?

Hi guys,

If you like my writing and you’d be interested to keep up with what I’m working on and help shape what I publish, you may want to become one of my first readers.

I’m looking for a maximum of 20 people to help me stay accountable in writing a first draft or a major rewrite every week. This is how I got out of debt, using a blog that became Fuck Off Fund Monthly. I crowd-source accountability.

I can’t just put my first drafts on Medium because they can’t be all aloose on the web. Publications won’t pay for them. So this will be on a password-protected blog.

Will all the stories be good? No. Will you have to read them? No. But you can see what I’m working on next, comment on what you like or what confused you, and help me keep working. This is how I wrote Fuck Off Fund, a monthly essay exchange with a friend. If I know there are people expecting it, I won’t want to fail them. Also, if you don’t see it up by Friday at 5 PST, you can shame me on social media.

Research has shown that the more pieces of art you create, the more likely you are to create quality works of art. So this is my way to get there.

If you’re interested, Tweet me or message me on Facebook.


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