You Should Get Excited About Virtual Reality. Here’s Why.
Gary Vaynerchuk

VR is going to change the world. I’ve been hyped about this for a while now, and then I come across even more awesome stuff like this!

Lazy eye (amblyopia) is condition where one eye drifts. Up until now, the only way to correct it was by covering the dominant eye with a patch to make the “weak” eye stronger. If It wasn’t done by an early age (about 8), doctors said it was too late and that the brain would no longer effectively use the image from the lazy eye. As an adult, or anyone past the “brain plasticity stage” the only option was surgery, but that only straigtened the eye cosmetically — The brain still didn’t use the eye to see in stereo.

James Blaha, of See Vividly, had a lazy eye and had no depth perception. He could only see in two dimensions. He bought himself an Oculus Rift dev kit and began coding. He created an image of a cube with a separate image for each eye. He then dimmed the brightness in the stronger eye, and raised the brightness in the weaker eye. Suddenly, the cube “popped” and he could see it in three dimensions. After creating a game that required the co-operation of both eyes, and after about three weeks of exercises, he began to experience depth (3D) perception in real life. He now has 90 percent of normal depth perception. The key is getting both eyes to work together and for the brain to accept it.

I find this a fascinating story especially in light of doctors’ accepted conclusions regarding amblyopia! It’s a great story on many fronts! See Vividly software is now available in clinics and soon there will be a modified home version for the consumer rift and Gear VR.

I discovered this story because I have an eye that occasionally drifts. It’s not noticable to most people because I strengthened the muscle over the years. I also never thought I didn’t see in 3D and actually, I’m still not sure. I’m pretty sure my one eye is very dominant and my depth perception is weak. I’ve always had issues with those 3D digital pictures for example, yet suprisingly could always crush a baseball. Anyway, …

Virtual Reality — changing the world!

— Paul

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