The smallest Bluetooth 5 Wireless Earbuds That Can Also Be Programmed To Your Hearing And Used As Hearing Aids!

The Avanco Hear Earbuds are the smallest in the World, so small in fact that they are hidden when in your ear.

You can listen to music or make calls and no one will know you are wearing them!

The soft flexible outer casing moulds to your ear shape for a snug, comfortable fit.

Standard Features include:

Bluetooth 5.0, Quad Core Processing, Active Noise Cancelling, Hearing Aid Mode — Programmed to your Hearing, Custom Fitting, IPX7 Waterproof, Stereo Phone Calls, Wireless Charging & a Wireless Charger with USB-C!

You can use your Avanco Hear Earbuds in Hearing Aid Mode to hear the world around you and also make phone calls at the same time.

With your Avanco Hear Earbuds, you can connect to your TV, Music, Calls, Game Console or VR, Computer or your Voice Assistant — Alexa, Google or Siri.

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