The “Collusion” Conspiracy Theory’s Moving Goalposts
Austin Frank

After following all the various sordid details of the 2016 campaign and its aftermath, I can better understand why high-level political campaigns are so expensive — it must cost a mountain of $$$ to maintain the army of lawyers, private investigators and ‘research consultants’ needed to scour the world raking up all this muck while still maintaining the multiple degrees of separation legally required for plausible deniability. No wonder Hillary spent +$1 billion on her total campaign while Jeb spent +$100 million even for a truncated primary campaign — those Piss Dossiers aren’t going to write themselves!

Trump’s real sins seem to have been that of outsider naivete and private sector frugality (Sending high level reps like Don Jr and J-Kush to scope out dirt instead of getting some minion to contract some hired guns). In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s part of the reason the political establishment is so determined to destroy him — without professional (read: hack) politicians like Hillary, Obama, Jeb, Romney et al to pay the bills, sleaze-mongers like Fusion GPS (who, never forget, are typically founded by and staffed with former deep state functionaries) would go out of business.

Drain the swamp indeed!

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