What did officer 2 do to deserve being an accessory to murder?
Corey B

Agree, can’t see how the second officer can be an accessory since he was the one with the LTL weapon.

For that matter, ‘murder’ on the shooter officer now seems questionable given the footage that appears to show the victim reaching into the vehicle — Negligent Homicide, sure, but Premeditated Murder seems a stretch.

Also seems like the claim of ‘car trouble’ is growing dubious. He was parked in the middle of the road with his doors left open — atypical for a disabled vehicle — and reportedly found with PCP in his possession (as well as a previous drug conviction).

All that said, there’s a mouth-foamer element among the left that can’t help but paint anything related to police use of force in the Darkest Possible Light, especially when there’s a potential for the race-baiting that’s oh-so beloved among the mouth-foamer left.

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