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All the hand-wringing over the ‘hate’ and ‘harassment’ on Twitter is little more than agitprop intended to push an ideological bias.

As far as ‘hate’, there are plenty of outrageous comments that are allowed without sanction because they fall on the correct side of an ideologically charged issue (Black Lives Matter being the best example — their partisans are responsible for some of the most inflammatory posts on the site)

And as far as ‘harassment’, how can anyone be harassed on a site with a blocking feature — someone posts rude or insulting things about you, block them and be done with it.

I think the real problem with Twitter is that there are plenty of celebrities who use the platform for self-promotion and are loathe to block, preferring instead to use their status to censor voices that are inconvenient to them (See: Leslie Jones getting Milo Y banned for his legit criticism of her awful performance in that horrible Ghostbusters remake).

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