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Another day, another dishonest TP headline:

Teen loses leg after school employee throws him to floor multiple times. The student just wanted to call his mom.

First of all, it was an alternative school where only the worst disciplinary issues are sent — students who have proven to be utterly uncontrollable in an ordinary classroom setting.

Second, the student didn’t ‘just want to call his mom’, he insisted on leaving the classroom after repeated requests to wait and stay on task (An important focus to maintain with the BIC kids — once you open the door to such distractions, it’s almost impossible to get it back).

And this:

Harsh disciplinary tactics hurt schoolchildren in a way that can jeopardize their academic careers and “push them into the criminal justice system”…

Is misleading as well — if a student is in an alternative school, their behavior has already 1) Jeopardized the academic careers of their peers and 2) Almost certainly crossed the threshold of criminal behavior — drugs, assaults, stealing, vandalism (One of my pet peeves as a teacher was how the public school system conceals the criminality of the worst cases, thus encouraging unrealistic expectations on how such behavior is treated in the adult world).