I was not making the point that people have been sued over that story.
Donald Savoie

I was not making the point that people have been sued over that story. I was making the point that their us so much false news, that no one checks.

But that’s not what you said. You said this:

Does Medium have any policies about intentionally publishing libel? One example is the uranium story that is 100% false and has been debunked for a while.

If you’re going to assert that the Uranium One story is an example of published libel, offer something in support. ‘Libel’ is a term with a specific legal meaning that can be demonstrated.

The donations detailed by author Schweizer occurred at least two years before the deal.

That in no way disproves a quid pro quo. In fact, it would be sensible that anyone participating in such a conspiracy would plan in advance and bide their time. And in fact, more mainstream sources are making the same allegations:

So maybe you need to contact the legal department at The Hill regarding their potential libel?

And as far as using Politifact as a source to demonstrate the untruth of a particular claim, their objectivity has been challenged on many occasions:


There’s even a website dedicated to tracking their bogus ‘fact checking’:

Seriously, try harder.

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