A: Islam is not a race nor has ever been.
Ron Collins

“… ersatz moral outrage over anyone in this country having the good sense to want them to stop and saying so.”

It’s just a form of virtue signalling, plain and simple — see who’s willing to get the most outraged over the perceived offense, with outrage measured by rudeness.

Thus you get the extreme slurs of ‘racism’ (although, as already pointed out, Islam is not a race), ‘treason’ (although it’s truly a bizarre interpretation of loyalty to country that involves laying the country open to hostile elements) and, funniest of all, questions regarding ‘manhood’ (especially silly because protective prudence is perhaps the most masculine of virtues).

It’s a transparent and tedious game but have some patience with the SJWs — events are not being kind to their pet causes (especially this election cycle).

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