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Exactly. It’s hard to take the progressive-left’s stale ‘xenophobia/racism/bigotry’ card seriously when there are so many examples of what one could call pernicious multiculturalism.

Brentwood Long Island and their MS13 murder spree:

Sweden’s skyrocketing rates of sexual assault:

And last but not least, the horrifying account of Rotherham’s disproportionately Pakistani Pedo-Ring:

Given examples like these — and there are many others — it’s kind of laughable to see progressives denigrate the idea of a ‘high trust community’ as a reflection of mere bigotry.

In my opinion, this pernicious multiculturalism — combined with the virtue-signalling sanctimony of its adherents — is the reason why many progressive political parties are shrinking in the West. See your community turned into a quasi-ghetto filled with gang-banger thugs while wannabe Guardianistas wag their fingers in your face about ‘racism’ and ‘xenophobia’? Sorry, I’ll pass…