Sexual orientation is not a developmental issue.
Rachel the Demon

I absolutely disagree with that. If a child is physiologically a boy but that child is dressing as a girl, socializing with girls and using the bathroom with girls at school, then that is indeed a developmental issue. Acting as if it isn’t a developmental issue is more a matter of gender ideology and not science.

Really, what this perversion of ‘right to privacy’ amounts to is an attempt by public ed administrators to subject kids to gender theory indoctrination without the parents’ consent (or even knowledge).

As far as the scare-talk about what ‘some parents’ have done, some kids have also gone the full-bore gender dysphoria treatment route and still ended up suicidal, so there are risks on both sides. And at any rate, using the potential actions of a worse case parent to violate the rights of all parents is something I have huge problems with.

All that said though, I’m sure you disagree — simply extending you the courtesy of a reply.