gays have revealed themselves to be just as bigoted as the most anti-gay bigots.
Remember when the pro-gay marriage people argued that legalizing gay marriage would simply allow…
Rick Fischer

I completely agree with the basic premise of this piece but have to point our one thing here. In my experience, the most rabid of the people in favor of so-called ‘marriage equality’ haven’t even been gay, they’ve been heterosexual SJWs who simply hate the dominant role traditional marriage and the traditional family play in our society.

I’ve taken to calling such people ‘transgressives’ since they really aren’t concerned with any particular issue or any particular group, but simply support anything they perceive as transgressing our traditional cultural norms. Another example of this is the way otherwise avowedly secular people will support mass immigration of Muslims — people who as a rule are hostile towards secularism — because they perceive Islam as an ally in the de-Christianizing of our culture.

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