Paul, wouldn’t you say that bigoted people could reasonably be described as deplorable?
peter thompson

I don’t at all agree it’s a certainty that 50% of Trump’s supporters are ‘bigoted’. While it’s no doubt true that they believe things that you disagree with on a whole host of issues — immigration, terrorism, crime — there is plenty of ground for reasonable disagreement with the left’s orthodoxy on those issues.

If anything, it’s the left’s knee-jerk use of the ‘bigot’ slur that’s divisive and hateful. Just because a disagreement elicits a visceral response in someone, their emotion shouldn’t justify them in racing out past the facts to levy a hateful accusation (Immigration is a great example — there are plenty of reasons to oppose the left’s immigration policies, their constant charge of ‘racism’ is simply a cheap appeal to hate).

I for one applaud Trump for pointing all of this out.

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