Why Indivisible Pittsburgh Needs to Disband
cosmo luce

On February 22, 2017, the Pittsburgh chapter of Indivisible held their kick off event at the Union Project in East Liberty. At that meeting, I witnessed them effectively exclude the voices of people of color, immigrants, queer, Muslims, and poor from their event.

I don’t think it will serve the Dems very well to wade even further into the pool of identity politics, not if they want to make inroads with the white working class demographics that swung so decisively to Trump in 2016.

The Tea Party, by the way, is a white supremacist movement that also excluded the concerns of Black, brown, immigrant, queer, trans, and disabled individuals from their politics.

Are you for real? The Tea Party had nothing to do with race, it was entirely a reaction against the Too Big To Fail crony-corporate policies that were threatening to subsume our politics in the aftermath of the Subprime Crisis and TARP.

Rick Santelli’s rant that launched the Tea Party:

Note that the concern was with moral hazard, race had nothing to do with it.

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