I also fear that those remaining will sabotage Trump’s agenda, they already saved Obamacare just to spite Trump, and it looks like little of real substance will be passed
I think the temper tantrums of the slowly diminishing establishment (liberal) Republicans are…
Louis Weeks

I’m both pessimistic and optimistic in this regard. Pessimistic because I think tax reform will end up sabotaged in the senate — between McCain, Corker, Flake, Murkowski and Collins, the GOP will bleed enough votes to scupper the deal.

But I’m also optimistic because Trump will ultimately weather the storm — voters (especially GOP base and independents) will see through GOPe’s sabotage and blame them, not Trump.

I compare what’s going on in the GOP now to the political equivalent to what Lincoln had to contend with at the beginning of the Civil War — just like Lincoln had to cycle through a whole host of deadbeat generals before he settled on Grant and Sherman, the GOP now has to just keep its head above water while it purges the weak-sisters and Quislings in its ranks.

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