Some experts point out that radicalised jihadis have ‘abnormal’ personality characteristics such as “low self-esteem, need for self-aggrandisement, abnormally high level of aggression, and dysfunctional conscience.”
Our children in Manchester paid the price of business as usual
Nafeez Ahmed

I’m not a big fan of the way our therapeutic society medicalizes behaviors (especially social behaviors).

Simple fact is that Islam is an ideology that makes certain assumptions about the nature of man and the ordering of human society and those assumptions are intrinsically opposed to the assumptions of behind modern Western societies (i.e. commitment to pluralism, freedom of conscience, freedom of association, rights of women, etc).

What we’re contending with is a struggle between two competing moral visions — but moral judgments are precisely what the therapeutic mindset seeks to obliterate, replacing them with vague, universalistic bromides about ‘what all people want’.

Sorry, but all people don’t want the same things.

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