You already are, that’s the point.

Imagine if the world would only judge Americans by their war policies, their love of guns, their school shootings, colleges not protecting rape victims, the now horrid corruption, the racism, the xenophobia…

LOL, had to hit Social Justice ‘racism, sexism, xenophobia’ litany, didn’t you? Just couldn’t resist…

Also, Obama essentially threw our borders open to MS13/Calle 18 gangs when he allowed Central Americans to claim ‘refugee’ status due to the gang violence that’s endemic to their culture.

And by the way, speaking of generalizations:

…the people who usually seek refuge, are not the problem. They’re leaving those dysfunctional societies. They’re the victims, not the perpetrators. I can guarantee you none of the perpetrators would even get a refugee/asylum/immigration appointment.

This is the sort of Kumbaya, Happy Face multiculturalism apology that practically no sane person in the Western world buys any more. So get some new material…

And yes, we can cut to the chase — I get it that you disagree.

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