UTTERLY TYPICAL left-wing pseudo-intellectual blather.
Ron Collins

It’s completely ridiculous. Trump is really nothing more than an old school Christian Democrat, what used to be the political center.

Christian Democrats believe in the social safety net but, unlike the progressive-left, they see it as a protection for citizens and not a magnet for immigrants.

Christian Democrats are tough on crime and immigration hawks, unlike the progressive-left who are soft on crime and believe in open borders due to their thrall to multiculturalism.

Christian Democrats don’t object to taxes to fund public works projects but, unlike the progressive-left, refrain from radical and socially corrosive wealth redistribution schemes.

Christian Democrats also reject the globalist trade schemes of the neoliberals.

It’s a testimony to how out-of-whack our politics have gotten that such middle-of-the-road policies provoke such hyperventillating from all quarters of the establishment — the progressives, the neolibs and the neocons.

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