Lena Dunham wants to be progressive, but her art is shallow and vacuous.
Lena Dunham is a Plague, but so is Liberal Racism
Hunter Saylor

Lena Dunham is the poster child for Hipster SJWism — smug, snide, superficial, sarcastic, self-absorbed, supercilious. To that extent, it’s kind of beside the point to accuse her of ‘racism’ since Hipster SJWs as a rule are clueless drama-whores who treat everyone like shit.

What kind of person thinks anyone wants to see this?

Luckily, SJWism is proving to be a self-correcting problem — like the Red Guard in Maoist China, the SJWs are quite happy eating their own (See: NPR, TED, NYT, Louis CK, Al Franken, Hollywood).

“Join us comrade, or fuck off!”