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LOL, I specifically acknowledged the contradictions between neoliberalism and traditional leftism in my post:

…in this case the phony-left compromised their credibility pushing neoliberal economics…

So someone here is definitely an ignoramus, only not me.

Although, under circumstances more conducive to respectful discussion, I would argue that neoliberalism — at least in its post Cold War, globalist guise — is intellectually omnivorous (or better said, opportunistic).

There is most definitely an observable Venn overlap between neoliberalism and progressivism (more I would argue - again, if circumstances permitted — than there is between neoliberalism and traditional conservatism):

Both believe in open borders — progressives because of multiculturalism, neolibs because their free market ideology compels them to reduce labor to a fungible commodity.

Both believe in globalism — progressives because they hate the ethnic roots of most Western nation states(ETA: And not just Western nations, given the current campaign to demonize Aung San Suu Kyi over her defense of traditional Burmese culture), neolibs because of their love of transnational corporations which predisposes them towards multilateralism.

And both believe in technocratic solutions — progressives because they love statism and neolibs as a residual of their Ivy League cronyism/Master of the Universe sense of noblesse oblige.

In fact, I’d go so far as to characterize progressives as the neoliberals’ Useful Idiots (See: the relationship between Geroge Soros and many radical left organizations).

Red Pill indeed!