this is absurd.

First of all, I don’t usually reply to one sentence question posts (especially ones where the question itself is based on a mischaracterization, like this one is) because they’re usually troll posts. But this one is pretty simple, so I’ll make an exception here.

The point isn’t absurd at all (‘Planet’ was your addition — it appeared nowhere in my post). I was speaking of the Western world in general and the US specifically (thus the use of the word ‘our’).

So, yes, mass immigration/Open Borders are indeed a far greater and more immediate threat to the developed (read: Western world). Look at what mass immigration has done to Germany in just the past two years. Sweden and France and Belgium are also good examples. The damage these policies do to once safe and prosperous societies are plain to see and require a pretty elaborate set of ideological blinkers to deny.

Practically every Western nation now has a large, anti mass immigration populist party as part of their political landscape. Indeed in many countries immigration consistently polls as the issue citizens are most concerned with.

And, anticipating the usual retort, no, I don’t believe ‘climate change’ is driving the undeveloped world to decamp en masse to the Western world. Welfare shopping is probably the #1 motivator, with lax criminal justice systems being a close #2.

All that said though, I get it that you probably disagree with every thing I’ve written — just extending you the courtesy of a reply.

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