“ If a male teacher showed up for work in shorts, or flip-flops, or a wife-beater undershirt, they…
Courtney McDowell

“ So tell me again how restrictive your dress code is.”

Work attire for men is pretty straightforward in a professional environment: slacks, dress shirt (short or long sleeve depending on weather), dark shoes and belt. You may get casual and go to jeans and polo shirts on occasion — usually Fridays specifically called out as casual - but anything else rightfully opens you to criticism.

Specifically, apart from PE or field days I never recall seeing a male teacher in shorts. And t-shirts were only allowed if they had the school logo or mascot (Which I never did because I didn’t like to give up the breast pocket on the shirt — in fact, I almost never wore anything other than dress shirts with two breast pockets).

I can’t for the life of me see wanting to wear anything other than practical clothing in a classroom. Wearing some spandex Lycra dress has to undermine a teacher’s effectiveness simply on a functional basis.

That said though, I imagine you disagree with everything I just wrote. [shrugs]

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