This whole situation with Jesus Campos makes no sense.
Jared Edwards

This whole situation with Jesus Campos makes no sense.

That’s because the whole scenario this Trump-bashing piece was based upon has been proven false:

Campos didn’t ‘stop’ anything and it’s even unclear whether or not he properly notified others of what he was contending with.

And, for his part, Campos has gone incommunicado :

Although the initial aftermath was dominated by the stale and predictable ‘Guns, guns, guns!’ bleating, it’s now looking like MGM Resorts/Mandalay Bay really dropped the ball here, both in their indifference to Paddock’s odd behavior in moving hundreds of lbs worth of guns and ammo into his suite and their confused/incompetent response to the event (Something Campos seems to be at the center of — he certainly gives off the air of someone instructed to go dark by legal counsel).

Of course it’s too much to expect the author of this piece to correct — not when there are social justice/Anti Trump talking points to be scored!

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