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This arrangement may be unique in US politics but it’s not unprecedented. Silvio Berlusconi did something similar when he maintained interest in his media empire while running Italy (to the howls of the Euro left).

So it’s hardly the stuff of such bed-wetting scare-talk. The Italians did fairly well under Berlusconi — indeed, far better than they did under the neoliberal Goldman-Sachs puppet who (undemocratically) replaced him.

The Republic will survive this (and probably thrive, especially compared to the rot of four more years of Hillary’s Obama-lite policies).

Finally, it’s a bit ridiculous to see this sudden concern for the hallowed appearance of ethical propriety come from pro Hillary Clinton partisans, she of the FOIA-evading private e-mail server and the pay-to-play, Price is Right ‘charitable foundation’.

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