Trump wasn’t a surprise to me, he’s been mostly predictable.
Trent Lapinski

This is a perfect storm for real progressives to get their shit together, organize, remove the Democratic establishment from power, and take over and rebrand the party… The same is true for young conservative Republicans, especially libertarians, this is their chance to create a new political identity for their party and move away from Neocon values. The losers from the Trump admin are going to be the Neoliberals, the Neocons, the globalists, and the brainwashed establishment Americans.

Great point, for quite a while now — ever since the twin disasters of the 2008 Financial Crisis and the election of Obama — I’ve said that America essentially has two neoliberal establishment parties.

GOP is Neolib Establishment Party A, which uses a veneer of entrepreneurial, ‘Right to Rise’ rhetoric and social conservatism to disguise their thralldom to Open Borders globalism and Too Big To Fail crony corporatism.

And the Dems are Neolib Establishment Party B, which uses a veneer of identity politics, egalitarianism and social liberalism to disguise their thralldom to Open Borders globalism and Too Big To Fail crony corporatism.

This pattern pretty much repeats through all the Western democracies (Labor v. Tories, CSU v. SPD, etc), something the various peoples of Europe are increasingly wise to:

[The] turbulence in Italy spreads beyond its borders in two ways. First, it illuminates the continuing weakness of the left everywhere. In the Netherlands, where elections in three weeks’ time are expected to show a win for the far-right Freedom Party; and in France, where the National Front of Marine Le Pen is also expected to dominate the first round of the presidential elections in April.
Both these parties rely heavily on support from the working class, many of whom had voted socialist for years. The Swedish sociologist Bo Rothstein wrote recently that “the more than 150-year-old alliance between the industrial working class and what one might call the intellectual-cultural Left is over,” noting that blue-collar union members in his own country now prefer the anti-immigration, anti-Muslim Swedish Democrats to the once-invincible party of the left, the Social Democrats — which leads the far-right party by only four points.

Now that it’s become clear what kind of future the neolibs intend for us — TARP, various Euro crisis, Migrant Crisis, repeated attempts to ram Amnesty schemes down the throat of the American people, Islamist terrorism as an ongoing threat — people have finally begun to look outside the establishment for answers.

And not a moment too soon…